Dlozi Msibi / Sound Engineer

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Dlozi Msibi is a qualified and experienced Sound Engineer who obtained his Diploma in Sound Engineering in Cape Town in 2013. The 28 years old Engineer was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal. He attended his primary school at Obivane Primary Schooling 1997 and his High School at Amadlelo Aluhlaza High school which is where he matriculated in 2011.

Dlozi Started working in Music Production Studios in cape while he was still in his last year of study which where his passion and creativity was recognized by big companies at his youngest age. He visited overseas countries after his studies, countries like United Arab Emirate, Dubai in 2014 and Mahe Island in Seychelles in 2015. From there after coming back home which was in Mpumalanga as from 2005, and started working for his home town radio station Mkhondo FM as a Broadcast and Sound Engineering technician in May 2015 till the present time.

Dlozi has been the best performer at the radio station introducing new technology of the modern time in a way that the station has now ever interviewed artist from overseas like America and Europe.

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