Hardie Potgieter / Radio Personality

Hardie Potgieter crew

Who is Hardie?

Hardie is a fun-loving individual striving to make the world better place through the use of art. He firmly believes music can sooth the savage beast, and eases the stress of daily life. He strives to bring peace and unity to the beautiful country by using the media to his disposal.


Gaming, music and arts like weaving chainmail.

The Show

The show is known as “The bigger picture” and starts from 19h00 till 20h00 from Tuesday until Friday. This is a 90% music show and broadcast in English and Afrikaans.


Be who you are. Do not fight nature. For I believe every individual is pure at heart and uniquely so. Do not conform to the masses, but rather be true to yourself. If you harm none, do as you will.

Mkhondo FM 98.6

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