Mkhondo FM 98.6

Mkhondo Community Radio was initiated by a group of youth residing within the Mkhondo Municipality lead by the vision carrier Mr. Sabelo Luther Hlatshwayo. The initiative started by the year 2006 and was registered in 2009 as an association incorporated under Section 21 of the Act registration number 2009/01617/08 and approved as a public benefit organization by SARS registration number 9283536176.

It is governed by a Board of Directors elected democratically by members of the community, to actively participate in the development and programming activities, for sustainable non-discriminatory and local development. It went on air for the first time on the 4th of December 2014.

It was conceived as a result of the need to address various avenues of development within the Mkhondo Communities. Energies are directed towards tackling the demands of awaking programmes to address cultural development, poverty alleviation, education, community development, socio-economic and political awareness, health issues, economic development and issues related to human rights in particular the HIV Aids pandemic, children and women abuse or any other issue that can enhance the welfare of the people within Mkhondo Municipality and its vicinity. The radio promises to offer an assertive, impartial platform that shall aid the development of communities, project human rights, and be beyond reproach in its integrity, and in upholding human dignity.

The station operates with a board of directors who set the overall vision and perspective, there are five management staff members who coordinate the administration, technical and programming departments, and twenty-five volunteer staff members who work as radio presenters and eight stringers.

Mkhondo FM 98.6

The Real Voice Of The People

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